Investor Relations

Our Nationality :
Bridging the world for Sujana is this vital initiative. Wherever there has been a need to buy, sell, negotiate or plainly connect up Sujana to the world, our International Trading Division is the answer. With knowledge and deft international handling capabilities, this Sujana initiative is the unseen, yet crucial arm in facilitating important international endeavors. Optimally staffed, this initiative has delivered over Rs 2,000 crore to topline.

Homeward Bound:
Appliances, in fact, are a smart excuse for us to be homeward bound. Straight into the hearts of millions of Indians. Reminding them that utility can be married to ideas in an endearing manner. Sujana in appliances means the Indian customer and home can get a range of choices from one entity. Sujana was the earliest of companies in India to tailor-make products specific to region, climatic and niche usage conditions. Sujana is a plus 25 year old company with a well established retail presence and a distribution channel which firmly entrenches it in the markets of South India. готовый таунхаус в спбMototerra развод

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