Sujana Universal Industries Limited manufactures a range of home appliances that include fans, steam irons, geysers, roti-makers, water heaters, mixies and ventilation fans. All our products are recognized by our customers for durability, performance and quality.

Within lesser timeframes, we could become “a friend of your family” and could establish a strong presence in India’s home appliances market. Our goal is to become the brand of choice for a complete range of domestic appliances which are handy for various household chores to provide a large measure of comfort and convenience.

Our ceiling fans, one of the earliest brands in India were customized to match regional climatic conditions. Our product innovations took us to introduce the remote controlled fans, built in power backup and LED based lighting. Our fans have been approved by the Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) for high performance, economy and efficiency.

We have coupled product innovation and quality in the manufacturing of all home appliances. We have put in place a robust and responsive after sales service package. SUIL’s highly popular Siracco brand of ventilators, exhaust fans and portable invertors reinforce the company’s innovative approach.сколько стоит аудит сайтаевро валюта курс

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